Jan 24, 2018


Hi Kendra.
You elected to start with the front room/living room.  Here is what you told me:

"We recently bought a new house and renovated a cabin on the lake and she said you might be willing to give me some advice on how to decorate and what furniture to buy.  I have pictures of the house beautifully decorated by the last owner, but I don't even know were to start in buying furniture etc.  Would you be willing to give me some help?  We live up in Moscow Idaho and there are few options for furniture/decorating help up here." 

"I like simple, I would love to have a nice room were we can sit and talk.  Would like to have a TV hidden somewhere, but not totally necessary. Want it to look put together.  I like the colors that we have in the house now so I don't want to change the walls.  We need somewhere to put our shoes when we come in the door.  I would like some sort of bench so people could put their shoes back on when they leave.  We take our shoes off when we come in the house. I like dark woods but I am also moving towards grays and whites too.  We need more seating than we currently have, one couch and one chair doesn't do it.  I am open to ideas because I don't really have great taste:(  I hope that helps.  Kendra"


This is a wonderful room.  I get it that you are feeling a little overwhelmed - that's natural in a new space - but I have to say this has great potential and I'm kind of excited to help you bring it to life!

 I think one of the biggest challenges you are facing in this space is the change of scale.  The vaulted ceilings and spacious feeling of the room makes your current furniture seem a little small in scale, right?

The previous owner's real estate photos helped me with this space because of the panoramic lens view.  The dining room and entry are both parts of this room because of the open floor plan, and should be taken into consideration in the planning of this space.

( previous owner photos)

How do you feel about the red brick facade of this fireplace?  If this were my home, I would want to change that, because I wouldn't want it to dictate 'red' to me all the time.
 I think the former owners did a good job on the wall colors (except for the kitchen - red again) and agree that you can leave them as is (except for maybe the kitchen -- later) and the floors and woodwork and detail trim are all lovely.  I do think they missed the mark a little on this view though.
This is your entrance, and the far windowed wall is your focal point.  Its the first think you see when entering, and it looks a little - bare? boring? unimpressive?  So I think we need to address that in the placement and choice of furnishings.

So I need a little more information from you, so that we get the right scale to the furnishings and correct placement.  Can you please draw me a little floor plan.  I'm more interested in measurements and window and door placements than your drawing skills, so don't panic.
Draw me a little plan of the living room and measure the wall lengths, mark the door placements and window placements, the height of the windows to the first horizontal trim, the fireplace dimensions, etc.   Kind of like this:
Show where the windows are, and doorways, etc.
Then take a picture with your phone and send it to me.

In the meantime, I am gathering furniture ideas and playing with placement.
Talk to you soon!